Our first blog…

Hello, and welcome to The postcards to the human body’s first blog. I want to firstly thank you for partaking in this journey and choosing to read this blog, it means a lot for us. We wanted to create a blog so that we can document our progress of this project, share our passion with similar individuals, and connect them in one platform.

We have just finished uploading our first image, that we drew a few weeks back. It is amazing to witness the journey of our work from the start were we selected our designs, right till the end where it’s published on our website. We want each piece to deliver a meaning behind it, in a way that promotes the well being of our mental health and shares positivity. Our first art piece, we named ‘flourishes minds’ as it shows that if we feed our mind with love the same way we feed flowers with water, then it too will bloom and flourish.

Each of our images is displayed in the format of a postcard, addressed to one of the organs in the human body. We know that this way, it is showing appreciation to our bodies and promoting self love. We will continue posting more blogs in future, for now, goodbye.

Sanoja (member)

Published by Nabin K Chhetri

Born in Nepal, Nabin Kumar Chhetri graduated with a degree of M.St in Creative Writing from Oxford University with Distinction in Poetry. He also holds a degree of M.Litt in The novel from the University of Aberdeen. His awards include the St. Peter's Foundation Award(Oxford University) and awards from Italy, Israel and Nepal for his poems. In 2011, he received the Nosside International Poetry Prize (UNESCO Heritage Award) for his poem ‘Memory’ from). His poems have been published in more than 70 national and international journals. Hel lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with his wife and children. Profile in Scottish Book Trust's web: http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/profile-author/122275 RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS * Received Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding 2017/18 * Received Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding 2016/17 * St. Peter's Foundation Award - 2014(Oxford University) * Poem selected to be read in Edinburgh Book Festival-2018 * Shortlisted for the Oxonian Review poetry prize 2015 - Oxford * Achieved distinction for the Poetry Portfolio(Oxford University) * Poem longlisted in the University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Poetry Prize * Semi-Finalist in the Baltic Writing Residency Program - 2017 * Discovery Award from The Red Mountain Press 2016(US) * Shortlisted for the Charles Pick Fellowship for Prose(University of East Anglia) * Won the Madder Than We Look - Write Minds competition(UK) - 201 * http://www.rufusbookspublishing.co.uk/ * A Pamphlet Submission longlisted in Flarestack poets (UK). http://www.flarestackpoets.co.uk/ * Represented the University of Oxford in the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2014 * Nosside International Poetry Award, Italy(2014) * Nosside UNESCO Heritage Award( Italy 2011)

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